Materials: 73 bicycle frames, Steel connection pieces
Nominations: DOEN|material prize 2011, Stylos design a folly competition
april, 2011

Design by Recycle
We Dutch love our bikes, but as soon as one breaks down, she is left carelessly at the nearest corner of the street. BiReCycle is a spatial structure made of the frames of 73 of these orphan bikes. Sequencing a fixation of the rear wheel fork to the pedal axis, the frames start forming arches that can support the climbing plants. I designed adjustable connection node's that enabled to make perfect circles using any frame type and size. The iron litter from the street is transformed to serve as a public pergola. In this design, the bicycle frame is not just the used material. It is what inspired the form of the object and its connections. This is design by recycle.

sections and detailing
4 frames attached
1:20 scale model
artist impression day
artist impression night