Materials: plywood, Sephia Ink
Dimensions: 29x29x0,8cm
feb, 2013
Currently being sold at concrete-matter and two-o

Chess, beauty in abstraction
The game of chess has always fascinated me. Just 6 symbols in black and white, spread over 64 fields make up the most complicated board game known to us. Yet newspapers can show the most difficult configurations on a few centimeters of paper. Chess’ beauty lies in its abstraction. The 2 dimensional figures I see on paper are a perfect rendition of knights, bishops and pawns and need not be changed to play the game with upright pieces. Working with flat pieces flat was an opportunity to make a ingenious compact chessboard. Flat Chess is a mere 8 mm thick lasercut chessboard that boxes its own pieces inside.

32 piece chessgame
pieces stored inside
cardboard cover
bishop king and pawn