TLB lamp

Materials: Oak wood and brass hardware
Dimensions: L: 100cm, footŘ=20,5 cm
Februari, 2015

price on request

Fluorescent tube lighting is generally seen as 'cold' lighting, suitable only for offices. A misconception, the gas filled tubes give beautiful even spread light and are made in all sizes and shades. The TLB lamp (Tube Luminescent en Bois) is a wooden desk lamp utilizing the smallest of fluorescent tubes. The lamp is a formal extension of this lighting fixture and is made of hollow oak. Joints are carved out of the wood and enable the lamp to have several positions to direct light at any surface. The completely wooden foot with embedded switch contains all the electronic parts and has a magnetic surface that can hold paperclips and pencils. The TLB lamp is a homage to the fluorescent tube light, carved out of oak wood.